The impact of Banking Union on Dutch Banks

15 november 2013
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14 november 2013
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The creation of a banking regulator at the European Central Bank (ECB) is likely to have significant impact on Dutch banks. The preferred step-by-step creation of a European banking union where effective European bank supervision should be established and balance sheets cleaned up, will go hand in hand with shift in power and potential new regulatory interventions. With the recent European Commission proposal on a single resolution mechanism in addition to the single supervisory mechanism the creation of the Banking Union reaches the next stage.

Time to debate and get to grips with the impact the Banking Union will have on your banking organisation. Duisenberg school of finance together with PwC would therefore like to invite you to a Friday afternoon debate.

Anthony Kruizinga (DNB, responsible for the SSM project and leading the ECB workstream that prepares the balance sheet assessment), Dirk Schoenmaker (dean of Duisenberg school of finance and professor at VU University Amsterdam) and Burkhard Eckes (leading the PwC Eurozone team) will explore the political and industry perspective, the way of working and the consequences for the Dutch banks.

2.00 Welcome
2.15 Setting the scene - Dirk Schoenmaker
2.45 Way of working - Anthony Kruizinga
3.15 Break
3.30 Consequences for banks ? Burkhard Eckes
4.00 Debate
4.30 Drinks

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Organisatie: Duisenberg School of Finance

Datum: 15 november 2013

Inschrijven voor: 14 november 2013

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Doelgroep: Geïnteresseerden, invitation only event