Leaders in Finance Cyber Security

25 mei 2023
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25 mei 2023
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This Leaders in Finance Event is about Cyber Security. The event should be of great interest to leaders working directly in Cyber Security, but also to leaders for whom Cyber Security is not daily business, but an important factor in strategy development. Officers are: managing directors, directors, managers and teamleads.

With this event we have a clear mission and focus on achievements!

First, we want to bring the (financial) professionals in the Cyber Security space together and encourage knowledge sharing and exchange of best practices.

Secondly, we hope to add value in the deepening of cooperation between the different stakeholders in the Cyber Security sector, among other things, by facilitating the forming of new relationships and to deepen existing relationships.

Finally, above all we want to achieve that all participants will travel home after the conference full of energy and enthusiasm.

Event informatie

Organisatie: Leaders in Finance

Datum: 25 mei 2023

Inschrijven voor: 25 mei 2023

Type event: Seminar

Doelgroep: Open

Locatie: Kontakt der Kontinenten