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Imagine delving into the vibrant hub of Rabobank, where innovation thrives amidst challenges. As the Tech Lead for Current Account & Routing within the dynamic area of Current Account Services & Processing (CASP), you're at the helm of a multidisciplinary team, dedicated to revolutionizing client services. Guiding this team, you orchestrate daily IT operations, fostering continuous improvement and adaptability. Together, you sculpt a modern, agile current accounts platform, transitioning seamlessly from outdated legacies to a future-ready architecture. This platform isn't just a technological marvel—it's the bedrock for innovation, paving the way for new business models, products, and partnerships.

You and your job

Your role is both pivotal and practical. You'll lead a dedicated team, guiding them through the intricacies of modernizing our current accounts platform while ensuring stability and continuity. From managing daily IT operations to driving strategic vision, your influence will shape the future of banking services.

Your responsibilities are vast and varied. You'll oversee the delivery management of Current Account applications, orchestrating the seamless transition from legacy systems to a modernized platform. Balancing change and stability, you'll ensure operations run smoothly, within budget, and with a keen eye on future growth.

But it's not just about technology. Your commitment to the professional development of your team will be paramount. Facilitating expertise growth and continuous learning, you'll nurture a culture of innovation and excellence within the DevOps journey.

Security and risk control are top priorities in the CASP Area, and you'll be at the forefront of driving this agenda. Collaborating with stakeholders across IT departments and the business, including senior Tech Leads, Area leads, and Product Owners, you'll ensure alignment and transparency in all endeavours.

Transparency is key in delivery status, and you'll ensure stakeholders are informed formally and informally, every step of the way. As the HR person for your DevOps teams, you'll handle everything from performance management to recruitment, ensuring your team remains strong and cohesive.

In times of crisis, you'll take the lead, executing emergency procedures and standing by outside office hours if necessary. And as you chart the course forward, you'll develop the vision, strategy, and roadmap for your teams, in close collaboration with business and senior management.

This role isn't for the faint-hearted, but for those ready to embrace challenge and drive meaningful change in the world of banking. If you're ready to lead with purpose and make a lasting impact, join us on this journey.

Your responsibilities

  • People and Talent Management: Taking charge of HR responsibilities for the Current Account & Routing DevOps teams, ensuring effective people management, talent acquisition, and retention strategies.
  • Continuous Capability Building: Leading efforts in continuous upskilling and reskilling of internal staff to prepare teams for the evolving demands of the future work landscape.
  • Leadership and Agile Mindset: Setting an exemplary leadership standard and fostering an agile mindset within the team to drive innovation and adaptability.
  • Talent Attraction: Strategically attracting top IT talent to join the team, contributing to the enhancement of the overall team capability.
  • Culture of Excellence and Learning: Cultivating a culture of excellence, engineering, and continuous learning, promoting a mindset of growth and improvement.
  • Compliance and Standards Adherence: Ensuring adherence to coding standards, development methodology, documentation standards, security policies, and lifecycle management standards.
  • IT Roadmap Development: Collaborating with Area Lead and senior management to shape the IT roadmap and vision, aligning with business objectives.
  • Stakeholder Management: Managing relationships with senior Tech leads, Tech Leads, and stakeholders within the Area and Tribe, ensuring consistency in the IT landscape.

These responsibilities encompass leadership, talent management, capability building, compliance, stakeholder management, and strategic vision, all essential for driving the success and growth of the team and the organization.

Real-life examples

  • Recruiting, Guiding, and Retaining Top Talent: Encourage the development of cross-functional skills and collaboration.
  • Inspiring Teams to Take Ownership: From idea to implementation, foster a sense of pride in delivering high-quality solutions.
  • Addressing Security and Regulatory Risks: Collaborate with compliance teams to ensure adherence to standards and frameworks.

Facts & figures

  • Tribe Account & Payment Factory (APF) has approximately 400 employees
  • Full time
  • Working on one of the Rabobank Strategic Priorities, namely maintaining market leadership in the Netherlands
  • 43,822 Rabobank colleagues worldwide

Together we achieve more than alone

The TRIBE of Account Payment Factory (APF) within Retail NL Tech includes 3 Area’s providing 24/7 fast, reliable and efficient transactions processing. APF makes it possible for customers to bank with Rabobank while remaining compliant and within the agreed risk appetite governance. Supporting daily customer journeys- and interactions on high quality and cost effective financial products and core banking services, such as Payment processing, Lending & insurances, mortgages, savings etc, including the internal organization and regulatory responsibility of the bank.

You will be working within the area of Current Account Services & Processing (CASP) delivering best in class, reliable, high available (24/7), secure, real-time and cost effective Current Account services supporting a number of business Tribes, local banks, advisors and customers in their daily banking journeys and commercial activities.

You and your talent

  • Education and Experience: Possess a WO or HBO level of education and thinking, coupled with over a decade of experience in the banking sector, including 5-10 years managing critical 24/7 environments and complex IT projects.
  • Payment Processing Affinity: Demonstrate a strong affinity with payment processing, understanding its nuances and intricacies within the banking landscape.
  • Continuity Management Expertise: Showcase experience in continuity management and familiarity with COT/CMT procedures, ensuring operational resilience in high-pressure scenarios.
  • Team Building and Management: Exhibit proficiency in team building and management, particularly with IT Engineers and multidisciplinary teams of 40+ FTEs, including HR responsibilities.
  • Language Proficiency: Possess fluency in Dutch and English at a business level, facilitating seamless communication within the team and across stakeholders.
  • Agile and DevOps Knowledge: Have knowledge and experience with Scrum, Lean, Agile, and DevOps methodologies, guiding teams towards efficient and collaborative workflows.
  • Technical Proficiency: Demonstrate expertise in development, testing, deployment, and monitoring methods, leveraging diverse delivery models from local to nearshore and offshore.
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Change Management: Showcase excellent communication skills, both written and spoken, alongside experience in stakeholder management, vendor management, and change management aspects, navigating complex organizational dynamics with finesse.

This is what we offer you

  • a gross monthly salary between € 6.155,- and € 8.793,- (scale 11 based on your experience, 36 hours per week).
  • 13th month and holiday pay: the holiday allowance and annual allowance will usually be paid out in 12 equal monthly instalments. Employees have the option once a year to opt for the holiday allowance to be paid out in May and the annual allowance in December.
  • an Employee Benefit Budget (10% of your monthly salary). You decide how to spend this budget. This may include purchasing extra leave days, making extra pension contributions, or even receiving a monthly cash pay-out.
  • an annual personal development/training budget of € 1.400,-
  • 100% reimbursement of commuting costs if you travel by public transport! Do you still prefer to travel by car or motorbike? Then choose a commuting allowance.
  • a monthly € 40,- net work from home allowance, based on working from home 5 days per week.
  • a monthly € 40,- net internet allowance.
  • Attractive pension fund with a personal contribution of only 5.5%. Rabobank will contribute 21.5%.

This is a selection of the terms of employment for an Tech Lead based on a 36-hour working week (40 hours possible). You can find all terms of employment on

You and the job application process

Everyone is different, and it is exactly those differences that help us become an even better bank. That's why we want to know who you really are!

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