Pega DevOps Engineer


You work make sure that the applications you work on are visible for all our customers every day. You are working in a team of specialists where you and your team will be responsible for analysing, designing, developing and maintaining customer journeys.

Create an impact

You will be part of a dynamic team, Customer Events, where we create customer journeys that mirror the myriad life events one experiences. Think about high impact customer journeys as Onboarding Natural Person, Insolvency and Separation. Your expertise is to bring technical clarity to these complex narratives.

You have the power to dissect and understand the needs of our customers, transforming their requests into clear, actionable solutions.

But your role doesn’t stop there! You are also wailing to develop yourself into a T-shaped DevOps Engineer where you learn, develop and share skills like contract based testing, requirements gathering, monitoring and sustainability. You thrive in an agile environment always ready to adapt and evolve.

Your focus is developing stable and secure end2end journeys which meet our high-performance requirements. You are not just building software; you are crafting experiences, shaping journeys, and making a difference in people’s lives. Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey with us?


  • Minimum CSA 1+ years of hands on working experience in Pega
  • Engineer with focus on end to end customer journeys
  • Experience or knowledge with working in an agile environment; 
  • Experience in defining Epics, Features and PBI’s 
  • Skilled in using requirement tooling like  Azure DevOps, Confluence, ms visio, Splunk,  or similar; 
  • Experience with Pega and/or similar low code platforms
  • Fluent in English both verbal and written and preferably also Dutch
  • Strong communication skills

What do we offer?
We would love to help you achieve this by focusing firmly on your growth, development, and investing in an environment where you keep learning every day. We give you the space to innovate and initiate. In this way, we offer you numerous opportunities to grow and help you exceed your expectations, to do the right thing exceptionally well, and to therefore grow as a professional. In addition, with us (on the basis of a 36-or 40 hour working week), you can also expect:

  • Based on your experience: up to € 75.000 gross per year (scale 8) or € 90.000 gross per year (scale 9)
  • a desk, monitor and chair to set up your home working space and a monthly home working allowance of up to € 40-
  • a personal development budget of € 1,400-
  • a combination of working from home and at the office
  • 100% reimbursement of commuting costs if you travel by public transport
  • A pension scheme to which you contribute 3.5%
  • 172.8 hours holiday per year including 1 Diversity Day per year

This is a selection of the terms of employment for a Pega DevOps Engineer based on a 36-hour working week. You can find all terms of employment on

You and the job application process

Reply to the vacancy for Pega DevOps Engineer at Rabobank.

  • Any questions about working at Rabobank and the process? Oscar van Dijk, IT Recruiter,
  • We will hold the interviews through a video call.
  • You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions on .
  • A security check is part of the process.
  • We respect your privacy.

Growing a better world together
You are already aware that Rabobank is a financial services provider for millions of customers in 40 countries. But did you know that we aim to contribute to real change with our “Growing a better world together” mission?  We do so in countless ways, such as:

  • A third of all the food we purchase is thrown away. Together with Nature & Environment, we’re working to increase awareness among consumers of how to reduce food waste.
  • As part of a project with Humanitas, we are helping people who are experiencing financial difficulties to get their household finances in order.
  • Together with Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland (the Dutch Council for Refugees), we are helping 1,500 refugees find a suitable job.

Interested? Please contact us.


Vacature informatie

Organisatie: Rabobank

Locatie: Utrecht