The Good Bank - The Live Panel Debate

04 juni 2013
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03 juni 2013
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Banking professionals
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The Good Bank - The Live Panel Debate
That banking’s reputation has suffered there can be no doubt, but the centrality of financial services to a free market system cannot be denied. Enabling liquid transactions and linking savers to investors are essential for economic growth. These roles do not describe the limits of many important financial institutions, indeed more risky aspects of finance predominated in pre-crash profit sources. As a result the prospect of separating investment and traditional banking figures prominently in rules now being considered in the UK and EU.

What does a Good Back looks like
Everyone wants to understand what makes a good bank so we are inviting you to get involved in ‘The Good Bank’ debate. And three key pillars we have identified to undergird The Good Bank and form the backbone to the live discussion are: the effective bank, the trustworthy bank and the innovative bank.

Ongoing engagement
The conversation commences in early March on our Wavecast platform which will will be a hotbed for conversation and rich content – all used to inform and enhance the debate. Contributions from our handpicked online experts will appear on the live interactive feed every day between now and June 4th, alongside curated articles, blog pieces, independent Economist Intelligence Unit research, and input from you. Discussions will build up to, happen during and continue beyond the live debate in June.

The Live Panel Debate
The panel debate, streamed live to audiences globally from 14.00 GMT on June 4th, will incorporate views from banking experts, socioeconomic entrepreneurs, innovators and academia and you – collective opinions and visions for what makes a good bank.

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Datum: 04 juni 2013

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