Webinar: Loyalty and rewards for Banks – Benefits from Open Banking

24 februari 2022
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24 februari 2022
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Join us for this free webinar on 24.02 where we will dive into how banks can delight their customers with a Loyalty and Rewards program.

Digitally delight banking customers for the win.

Looking for new sources of revenue and want to offer additional services to customers? It is imperative to design and offer innovative deals, offers, pricing, and discounts that are contextual and help drive overall engagement and relationship value with customers.

But how can banks achieve such a loyalty and rewards program? It is possible only when they have a data driven view of each customer in real time. Enter Open Banking! In this Live session, our speakers will deep dive into how banks and financial institutions can benefit by offering loyalty and rewards programs to their customers.

Nicolas Darlavoix, from Sopra Banking Software and Cake CEO Davy Kestens will shed light on how this is a realty for Argenta bank in Belgium.

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Organisatie: Cake

Datum: 24 februari 2022

Inschrijven voor: 24 februari 2022

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