AltFi Global Summit 2017

07 november 2017
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07 november 2017
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Finance Professionals
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The Global Summit will focus on the emerging trends across the alternative finance and fintech space. In particular, we will hone in on alternative income opportunities in Continental Europe, spanning everything from marketplace lending through to direct lending. 

We’ll play host to attendees from a multitude of sub-sectors, including digital banking and robo-advice. Such firms are increasingly forming partnerships with online lending and investment platforms, which is a trend we're especially interested in. Meanwhile, some platforms are morphing into digital banks themselves, which is another exciting area of interest.

Historically, roughly a third of our audience has been made up of investors, including asset managers, hedge funds, family offices and banks. We run a networking service to help you track down the right people at the event. Look out also for a host of new capital providers to attend the Summit in Amsterdam, ranging from traditional fixed income investors like pension funds and insurance funds, to the ever elusive wealth managers and financial advisors.

We look forward to seeing you at the Het Sieraad building in Amsterdam on November 7th, 2017.

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Organisatie: AltFi

Datum: 07 november 2017

Inschrijven voor: 07 november 2017

Type event: Seminar

Doelgroep: Finance Professionals

Locatie: Amsterdam