The Blockchain Summit

28 maart 2017
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28 maart 2017
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Finance Professionals
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At present, distributed ledger technology and its unmatched potential is probably the most discussed topic in financial services. However, it is now being recognised that the industry must go beyond talk and determine practical, implementable use cases as soon as possible.

Our first event The Blockchain Summit proved a huge success, as the expert speaker line-up and packed out senior audience will attest to. However, October's event only scratched at the surface of blockchain technology's potential to revolutionise the financial sector.

This year's conference turns this potential into practice as we explore realistic implementations of the exciting technology through in-depth case studies from influential speakers.

With a programme that covers banking, capital markets, and insurance, and an agenda that brings together powerful incumbents and disruptive innovators, the event will explore what blockchain might mean both today and tomorrow.

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Organisatie: Marketforce

Datum: 28 maart 2017

Inschrijven voor: 28 maart 2017

Type event: Seminar

Doelgroep: Finance Professionals

Locatie: London