Accounting & Controlling lunch

22 maart 2017
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19 maart 2017
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Are you a specialist in the area of Accounting & Controlling? Then the Finance traineeship is what you are looking for!

The Finance traineeship at ING prepares you for a future role as a CFO. On this track within the ING International Talent Programme you’re active in the area of Financial- or Management Accounting. Besides you’ll develop your financial knowledge and agility, both in analysing data from the past and forecasting figures for the future. You’ll learn to work with complex computational models and to prepare reports for the management team. You’ll be in regular contact with members of ING’s senior management team right from the start, such as during lunches with one of the CFOs.

Does this interest you and would you like to work at ING? Sign up now for the ING Accounting & Controlling Lunch on Wednesday 22 March from 12.00 till 13.30 hrs.

Your career opportunities

ING offers promising young professionals with a master’s degree the chance to make the absolute most of their talent. The ING International Talent Programme (IITP), which lasts for four years, puts you in full charge of shaping your own career. During your first project, which could be in Financial Accounting, you lay the first cornerstone for your future career. You’ll learn all about for example regulations such as Basel III and IFRS 9. Your second project could be in the area of Management Accounting, in which case it’s your job to analyse the opportunities and costs of a product. After your first year, having gained a wealth of experience, you set to work in a more permanent position where you’ll further enhance your knowledge. Your personal preferences and interests form an important starting point for the roles you fulfil. And we should also point out that an adventure abroad is one of the options open to you, which is not only great fun but is also good for your personal and professional development.

During this lunch, you’ll get more information about the possibilities that ING offers for Accounting & Controlling students and have the possibility to ask all your questions to the Finance trainees and recruiters.

Would you like to attend this lunch?

Send an email with your CV no later than Sunday 19 March 2017 noon to For questions, feel free to contact Bart Doornink, 06 - 23473107

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Organisatie: ING

Datum: 22 maart 2017

Inschrijven voor: 19 maart 2017

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Doelgroep: Studenten

Locatie: Amsterdam