ING Hackathon 24H-CodING

22 maart 2016
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29 februari 2016
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After three very successful hackathons, ING presents 24H-CodING 2016: the DB NL edition. This time, 24H-CodING reflects our new multidisciplinary way of working within DB NL. 

24H-CodING facilitates future development by being a platform for entrepreneurial spirits who believe their idea for an innovative application, website or start-up can be added value regarding the theme of this year: 24 hours of coding for the best omnichannel ideas.

24H CodING

ING supports the continuous improvement of technological possibilities and is dedicated to give upcoming innovative development a boost, preferably in a collaborative setting.

What is a hackathon?
A hackathon is an event where people can come together to solve problems or to work on new ideas. A hackathon is all about creativity, problem solving and collaboration. Think of it as a fun way to work together with a group people of different background from engineering to marketing and deliver a working prototype or software. 

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Organisatie: ING

Datum: 22 maart 2016

Inschrijven voor: 29 februari 2016

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Doelgroep: Studenten