Climate and Environmental Risks Webinar

15 mei 2024
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15 mei 2024
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With new European Union legislation being introduced yearly and ESG becoming a larger and larger topic in the risk function, Protiviti invites you to dive deeper into the topic in our Climate and Environmental Risks Webinar on 15 May at 16:00 CEST.

This webinar is put together for professionals in risk management, compliance, internal audit, and ESG teams to stay up-to-date on climate risk to provide the most value to their organization as possible. In this webinar we will be taking a closer look at:

➢EU Regulations pertaining to climate and environmental risk

➢How business landscapes are changing due to climate risk

➢Risk governance of non-financial risk management

➢Case studies showcasing how to apply risk management methods to these topics

This is a European-wide webinar relevant for all countries within the EU.

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Organisatie: Protiviti

Datum: 15 mei 2024

Inschrijven voor: 15 mei 2024

Type event: Seminar

Doelgroep: Open

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