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13 oktober 2014
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12 oktober 2014
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After the success of the past nineteen years, we proudly announce that the largest Investment Banking recruitment event in the Netherlands, the International Banking Cycle (IBC), will be organized again this year. Just like previous years the IBC will be organized by the Financial Study association Rotterdam (FSR) and the Financial Study association Amsterdam (FSA). The IBC gives students a clear view of the operational practices and possible career opportunities at major international Investment Banks.

The International Banking Cycle, an investment in your career!

This year ten prominent Investment Banks will participate in the IBC, which are: Nomura, Lazard, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, J.P. Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, ING and BNP Paribas . All banks will contribute to the IBC 2014 by giving workshops, presentations and interviews.

In the workshops, selected students will work out a real life case, which is developed and presented by an Investment Bank. This is the perfect opportunity for students to get acquainted with the dynamic world of Investment Banking. The number of students that may participate in workshops and interviews is limited, therefore application is necessary. Please see 'Program' for all application deadlines.

Each bank will have a workshop with a focus on Mergers & Acquisitions and in addition some banks will offer a case with a focus on Sales & Trading. Following their workshop, each bank will give a presentation, which is open for everyone interested in Investment Banking. During the presentation a team of Investment Bankers will provide details on working at an Investment Bank, on the specific bank characteristics and on the career opportunities you have as a young professional. There will be an informal reception after each presentation where you can meet and speak with the employees of the bank in an informal manner. Students that have been selected for interviews will be notified the same day and interviews will be held the day after the workshop.

All students in their final stage of their study, with a keen interest in the world of Finance and Banking, can take part in the IBC 2014. Participation will give you a direct insight into the Investment Banking industry and could initiate the start of your career at one of the world’s leading Investment Banks!

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Datum: 13 oktober 2014

Inschrijven voor: 12 oktober 2014

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