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Parnassusweg 819
1082 LZ Amsterdam

Telefoon: +31 20 3012 888

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SIX Financial Information is a leading global provider of data and value-added services for the wealth and asset management industry. The company's strength lies in the area of reference data.

Aggregated in real-time from 1,500 worldwide sources, SIX Financial Information's data offering covers all the major trading venues. The database includes reference and market data, corporate actions, regulatory data and pricing information for over 23 million instruments.

Six FInancial Information

With its offices in 23 countries, SIX Financial Information combines the advantages of local expertise with global reach to offer financial specialists comprehensive data services for asset servicing and administration, middle office as well as investment and portfolio management.

As the official numbering agency for Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Belgium, SIX Financial Information also assigns securities numbers. The company is also a founding member of ANNA and co-operator of the ANNA Service Bureau.

SIX Financial Information plays a leading role in international committees, associations and working groups.

23 million
Our data universe is comprised of 23 million financial instruments.

1.777 billion
In 2015, we issued 1.777 billion financial instrument price updates.

50 regulatory requirements
We provide data to support more than 50 national, regional and global regulatory, compliance, and tax requirements.

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An award-winning workplace: SIX receives the Friendly Work Space® label

SIX offers its employees health-promoting working structures as well as offers for maintaining and promoting their health. Health Promotion Switzerland has now awarded SIX the Friendly Work Space® label for its occupational health management.

"The aim of our health management is to promote and maintain the health of all employees in the long term, to keep their work satisfaction and motivation high as well as create a good working environment and a culture of trust", says Carolin Kriening, Senior Health Management specialist at SIX. "A healthy working environment is also important for this."

SIX offers its employees not only health promotion courses, for example in the area of nutrition or exercise; it also creates a working environment that motivates and keeps them healthy – such as through flexible annual working time, the option of purchasing additional vacation days, regular meetings between employees and line managers as well as a large training offering.

Health Promotion Switzerland assessed occupational health management at SIX with the help of external specialists and based on standard quality criteria for the Friendly Work Space® label. The award confirms SIX's commitment as a responsible employer.

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