Codemotion Amsterdam

02 april 2019
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01 april 2019
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Codemotion is the platform that improves the developers’ professional growth by connecting IT professionals, tech communities and companies. 

On April 2 and 3, developers from througout Europe meet each other in Amsterdam for the yearly tech conference Codemotion. The conference hosts a variety of IT-professionals, ranging from front/backend and full stack to A.I. and blockchain. Speakers from a diverse amount of companies and organisations handle present-day challenges and future opportunities.

IT plays an important role in ING's 'Think forward strategy', which is one of the reasons for ING being a major sponsor of the event. 

Some of the speakers:

  • Douglas Crockford, Architect - PayPal
  • Don Goodman-Wilson, Developer Advocate - GitHub
  • Danny Banks, Sr. UX Designer - Amazon
  • Effi Bennekers, Lead Engineer - ING Bank
  • Katie Koschland, Engineer - Financial Times

We hope to see you in Amsterdam on April 2nd. Subscription is possible via the button 'Inschrijven' on the right side. 

Event informatie

Organisatie: ING

Datum: 02 april 2019

Inschrijven voor: 01 april 2019

Type event: Workshop

Doelgroep: IT-professionals

Locatie: Amsterdam