Maastricht Business Days

07 maart 2017
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08 februari 2017
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Since 1996 the Maastricht Business Days (MBD) are an annually returning recruitment event organized for students of the School of Business and Economics of Maastricht University. The MBDs are Maastricht’s biggest recruitment event guaranteeing a qualitative experience for both renowned international companies and students. The MBDs are a joint event and enjoy the support of the study associations SCOPE | 3MA and SCOPE | FOCUS. During the two day event companies and students get the opportunity to get to know each other during workshops, interviews, company presentations and the company fair. Dinners and Drinks provide the chance to meet in an informal atmosphere.

MBDs 2017: Explore Your Future!

This edition’s theme is “Explore Your Future!”. Referring to both students and companies, it aims at emphasizing the great opportunities provided at the Maastricht Business Days 2017. For students it means that by coming to the MBD they are exposed to a great variety of well-chosen companies from different areas and the students can decide themselves which of the endless directions to take.

For companies the MBD serve as an established platform where recruiters can get to know the highly enthusiastic Maastricht University students and discover their various talents. Since our students are diverse and have a great variety of backgrounds, you as a company can go anywhere by meeting our highly skilled and motivated workforce of the future.

Feel welcome to become a part of the Maastricht Business Days 2017 to Explore Your Future!

Event informatie

Organisatie: ABN AMRO

Datum: 07 maart 2017

Inschrijven voor: 08 februari 2017

Type event: Inhousedag

Doelgroep: Studenten

Locatie: Maastricht