600Minutes CFO

24 september 2014
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23 september 2014
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600Minutes CFO is an annual event for financial executives of the biggest companies in The Netherlands. It brings together world-class keynote speakers, up-to-date case studies and lively discussions on current topics, combining views from different industries. The event is an unrivalled opportunity to network with colleagues and explore the latest solutions in one-on-one meetings with the event partners.

As one of the event partners Equens will promote Zakelijk Betalen en Ontvangen [Business Payments & Receipt], a competitive and appealing proposition for mid-sized and large, international, multi-bank corporates. The solution offers corporates one process and one channel for managing their payments, reporting and mandates, irrespective of the number of banks they work with. Benefits include increased efficiency, higher straight-through processing rates, fewer manual processes, and lower costs. Zakelijk Betalen en Ontvangen is offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution which is reliable, secure and easy to implement.

For more information on Zakelijk Betalen en Ontvangen, please visit the website or contact Equens Corporate Services (ECS) on +31 (0)88 38 55222 or at ecs.support@nl.equens.com.

We look forward to meeting you at our booth in Bussum!


Equens was founded in 2006 as a merger between Interpay Nederland and the german Transaktionsinstitut. On a daily basis the organisaties ensures fast and reliable payment transactions for approximately fifty million cart holders, more than 500.000 retailers, a million companies en hundreds of banks. Equens has offices in The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, the UK and Finland.

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Organisatie: Equens

Datum: 24 september 2014

Inschrijven voor: 23 september 2014

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