Landelijke Econometristen Dag

11 februari 2014
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10 februari 2014
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Landelijke Econometristen Dag

Welcome to the website of the National Econometricians Day 2014 (in Dutch: Landelijke Econometristendag, in short LED). The LED is the largest annual recruitment event for students on the field of econometrics, operations research and actuarial sciences in the Netherlands. The LED 2014 will take place in the ‘NBC Congrescentrum‘  at Nieuwegein on February 11, 2014.

The LED will give you the opportunity to get in contact with possible future employers by means of company cases, a lunch, a networking drink and a recruitment dinner. With 34 interesting companies visiting the LED 2014, all active in various fields of econometrics, operational research, finance or actuarial sciences, you will have a wide range of companies to explore.

The LED 2014 will be opened by a lecture of Alessio Rastani. Moreover, in the afternoon Margot Scheltema will give a lecture. After an inspiring day, we will end with a great party in club LUX in the city center of Utrecht.

Subscriptions will be open from December 17th onwards for third-year students and older. As of January 6th, second-year students are allowed to subscribe as well. However, only a limited amount of students can participate, so make sure you subscribe in time!

Photos of the LED 2013 can be found at our Facebook page. In case of questions, please contact the committee.

We hope to see you at the LED 2014!

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Organisatie: ING

Datum: 11 februari 2014

Inschrijven voor: 10 februari 2014

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