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Your working environment and job

Within our Human Resources organisation, People Services facilitates the formation of the People Strategy for the creation of a unique Employee Experience and works together closely with the HR Centres of Expertise and HR Business Partners.

People Services handles questions and requests from employees and managers/leads from end to end in self-managing autonomous teams. This takes place with a high degree of expertise, which enables us to create a ‘WOW’ experience. The Employee Experience Circle is part of People Services. Within this Circle, the Organisational Change Team is end-to-end responsible for supporting the business and HRBPs in providing advice on and implementing the staffing consequences of transformations and Work-to-Work programmes.

Your duties as an Organisational Change Advisor

As an Organisational Change Advisor, you will be part of the Organisational Change Team. This means that the team is responsible for providing advice and implementing the chain of Social Plan activities in connection with a request for advice. A key element in this process is close collaboration with the Business Leads and the HRBP, who has the business in question in his/her account. You are the one who advises, challenges and informs the Business Leads and HRBPs in connection with the staffing consequences of transformations and the implementation of Work-to-Work programmes.

You make an impact by ensuring that the organisational change is realised flawlessly and in good time. In this process, you never lose sight of the team’s interests and the interests of all stakeholders. You are aware of everyone’s responsibility within the triangle of the Business Lead(s), HRBP and the Organisational Change Team and you ensure that everyone carries out their tasks accordingly.

As an Organisational Change Advisor, you are the expert in the area of transformations and Work-to-Work programmes. Your focus is on the staffing consequences, the correct implementation of the Social Plan and the implementation of requests for advice and Work-to-Work programmes. You discuss performance with your team, you identify opportunities for improvement and you learn from and with each other, which helps you improve your performance step by step every day.

Your role and responsibilities

  • You are responsible for the staffing consequences of organisational change and providing advice to the business and the HRBPs about this matter. You make use of the resources from the Social Plan in the correct manner. For instance:
    • You provide advice on the use of Preventive Mobility and the Voluntary Departure Scheme and coordinating the implementation.
    • You provide advice on and facilitate the selection processes as part of a request for advice.
    • You ensure balanced representation/reselection of employees within the scope of a request for advice.
    • You implement the change in Workday.

  • You are responsible for implementing Work-to-Work programmes . This includes, for instance, the following:
    • Providing advice on and facilitating:
      • internal reassignments of ING employees, either within or outside the scope of a transformation;
      • offering a Work-to-Work programme that is suitable for the target group in the preventive mobility phase;
      • the Buitenboord programme.

  • You are responsible for supervising and providing assistance to redundant employees . This includes, for instance, the following:
    • Organising and facilitating information sessions.
    • Formal supervision of this group of employees.

  • If necessary, you are involved on a flexible basis in the QBR epics and you form part of a pop-up or permanent squad - whether or not as the Epic Owner - in the area of transformations and Work-to-Work programmes.

  • Support is primarily responsible for the correct administrative processing of the people consequences and implementation of transformations and Work-to-Work programmes. In the event of the absence of Support and/or in the event of too large a workload, you may take over this work. This includes, for instance, the following:
    • Correct filling in and maintenance of the tables in H5 and the appendices of the RfA.
    • Coordinating the preparation of the Occupational Health & Safety Effect Plan in collaboration with Cohesie , the HRBP and the business.
    • Creating the new organisational structure and organisation codes in Workday.

How you are successful

You regard the diversity of your duties as a challenge and you assume ownership of all the processes involved. You are a real team player, individually accountable, eager to learn and always willing to help others get a step ahead. In short: you’re a perfect match with the Orange Code.

You are able to advise, inform and challenge the Business Leads and HRBPs in the area of transformations and Work-to-Work programmes.

Other desired skills to be successful:

  • Experience with transformations would be a plus.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Strong written and verbal advisory and communication skills.
  • You know how to interact with various stakeholders, within and outside HR.
  • You are self-assured and are able to advise and challenge both the Business Leads and HRBPs.
  • You are proficient in PowerPoint and Excel.
  • You are proficient in Dutch and English both verbally and in writing.
  • You possess the skills to be able to perform as well as possible in an agile environment.
  • You are familiar with end-to-end processes and you are aware of your role in the transformation journey.
  • You have experience in the HR field.
  • You have professional and intellectual ability at a higher vocational education level (HBO) as a minimum.


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Organisatie: ING

Locatie: Amsterdam

Opleidingsniveau: WO

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