Feature Engineer IV

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Feature Engineer

Across ING we are embarking on a new chapter in our digital products, moving towards a more experimental and customer centered approach that leverages all of the strengths and history of our group companies while delivering real value to millions of clients across the world.

The Feature Engineer is responsible for ensuring that teams across the ING group work together to build the products we sell to our customers.

You will be part of a team of Feature Engineers in the Financial Markets and Group Treasury tribe. The focus of this role is very much on delivery of new features and continuous improvement of the working practices of the IT area, providing a positive and safe environment for our people to learn from their mistakes and from each other. Our products help our customers to be a step ahead in life and in business. It is hugely important that we also create an open and creative culture that can be reflected in what we build.

What sort of person might you be?
  • You come from a technical background, and ideally have spent a large part of your career writing software and being part of - and leading - software engineering teams and/or IT Operations teams (infrastructure, IT Security)
  • You understand the power of truly cross functional teams, and can work alongside Engineers, senior Managers, and colleagues from different disciplines, to create a common goal and get the most out of all the expertise at the table.
  • You’re able to translate a vision into functional- and technical software changes (features) that teams can deliver.
  • You have experience in delivering features that require a cross-team delivery. You coordinate and support the teams to ensure integrated development and testing.
  • You are a quick learner and have good analytical skills. Together with subject matter experts, you can design a feature or deepdive into a functional- or technical issue to find a solution.
  • You are humble, yet confident, you have seen enough to have a toolkit you can refer to when things aren’t working, and can help others understand that there may be a different perspective or way of thinking about things that helps them move forward.

Where can you expect to work?
  • The Financial Markets and Group Treasury Tribe is part of Wholesale Banking. Wholesale Banking is s erving corporate clients and financial institutions in over 40 countries.
  • You will focus on the delivery of the WB Tech IT strategy. This means amongst others moving applications to the cloud, and staying ahead in IT Security. This role might well evolve into more business oriented initiatives in the future.
  • We use top notch in-house engineered solutions and market-leading vendor applications. These systems and applications need to be running virtually 24/7. If they aren’t, our business will shut down.
  • Our teams are distributed across all our offices, though most teams are centered in The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Singapore, India, and Romania. This will likely change over time as we get better at working across company locations.
  • The role is based in the ING headquarters in Amsterdam. ING works in hybrid mode, which means that it is expected you will work approximately 50% at home, and 50% in the office. There is a lot of freedom to choose where you work- all that matters is that in the end it works.
What sort of things can you expect to do?

The Feature Engineer is a senior role in the Tribe. You are in the lead to deliver new features for our clients. You can also get temporarily involved in an initiative when there is a need for a problem solver to get things up to speed.

The role has a lot of exposure. You work with many different teams, both in IT and in different business lines. One day you could work with engineers to crack a technical issue, and the other day you might help senior management to define a roadmap. You help the Tribe to find new ways to deliver features faster.

The job has a lot of freedom. That also means you need to be able to work independent and you can find your way in a new part of the organization.

You will have a broad set of responsibilities, and while it would be great if you have some experience with all of these, we will consider candidates with the right foundation who needs support and coaching in some of these areas. If you’ve never worked in a bank, we can definitely teach that. If you you’ve never coordinated the delivery of software, that will be more of a challenge and this role probably isn’t right for you.

Our offer
  • You work in a dynamic, international company with a market-changing attitude and culture
  • A sparkling job, a lot of flexibility, and a good work/life balance.
  • Great career opportunities
  • Extensive training and education possibilities
  • Excellent salary package
  • Public transport to commute to work is free
  • Full time position (36h/week, option to work 40h/week)

Vacature informatie

Organisatie: ING

Locatie: Amsterdam

Opleidingsniveau: WO

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