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ING is looking for a Platform Architect Front-end in our Banking Technology Platform tribe with knowledge of Web and Mobile Front-end Architecture, Front-end deployment patterns, CI / CD, Cloud Infrastructure, Front-end Security and Integration standards and patterns, Content Management Systems, Open-Source technology, and front-end tooling . Preferably through experience in a large and internationally oriented company.

Think Forward! Our purpose is to empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business. Allowing our consumers to ‘Do your thing’. To fulfil this purpose the customer experience we offer was, is and will increasingly be important, s erving our customers in the most relevant and convenient way.

We are an industry recognized strong brand with positive recognition from customers in many countries, strong financial position, and international network. If you want to work at a place where we believe that you can live by the Agile manifesto without jeopardizing the necessary continuity, compliance, and QA measures, where we are committed to deliver stable and secure services to end users, and where we have a 'no nonsense' getting-things done mentality, please read on!

ING has thousands of engineers across the globe. Banking Technology Platform (BTP) is created to make their lives easier, as well as to get to a level of interoperability that makes reuse of components the standard. As part of that it provides a front-end platform for ING web and mobile developers . This front-end platform is called One Experience and facilitates the access and all the means at hand to simplify the early and often delivery of business value through automation, assembly and reuse of scalable and personalised front-end features and applications using industry standards. One Experience is the foundation on which amazing experiences are created, that will set us far apart from the competition.

Job description

As a Platform Architect :

  • Define future state of the Bank in relation to Front-end Platform and drive the front-end architecture in our Banking Technology Platform tribe, including integration points with other infrastructure and engineering tribe.
  • Have extensive knowledge and intrinsic curiosity in the underlying technologies, frameworks and platforms of Front-end and make a translation towards implementation proposals.
  • Are expected to continuously make trade-offs between target state and existing solutions, being reflected in roadmaps you create. You’re seen as the expert and trusted advisor for the Front-end Domain, overseeing the existing and total future state of the bank including the risk, security, and non-function requirements.
  • Ensure that the architecture is implemented according to plan, minimizing technical/tactical debt. Escalates to management if required.
  • Reduce complexity and steers towards preventing or reducing technical debt. Improves the quality and consistency and reduces time-to-market for the platform. Shortens the cycle time from idea to service with impact to consumer.
  • Define realistic and ambitious implementation Roadmaps and break down desired (business and IT) themes into epics and features across multiple platforms. In close collaboration with Tribe Leads, Product Owners, IT leads and Squads of the platform .
  • Actively guard security and data integrity in the design, implementation and operation of platforms using standards industry frameworks. You are mandated to define global standards in collaboration with other Architects, Engineers, IT Leads, etc.
  • Provide guidance to Engineers, Product Owners, chapter leads and Squads of (consumers of) the platform by describing design patterns in Cookbooks together with the engineering leads. Describe how these best practices can be implemented in practice.
  • Can work independently, relying on the network of colleagues that you create around you, while contributing to the overall objectives.
  • Have a Master's degree in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent practical experience
  • Have 3+ years’ experience with front-end architectures with demonstrated industry leadership in the fields of architecture and customer facing applications .
  • Have communication skills, on the level of the CIO’s of the business lines and the CIO’s of the countries.
  • You have the skills to pitch, explain and defend your architectures to the Chief Architects of the bank.
  • You are able to stand your ground amongst senior colleagues that put the pressure on.
  • You have the approachability that colleagues want to collaborate.
  • You have the charisma that colleagues will follow your advice.
  • You will work with people in or from many countries in Europe and beyond, and therefore you need to be fluent in English. Other languages (German, Spanish, French, Romanian, Polish, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, etc.) are appreciated.
  • You will be stationed in Amsterdam and are willing to travel.

Your preferred capabilities are:

  • Front-end architecture:
    • Front-end application architectures and patterns: web, mobile, and hybrid.
    • Modularization, componentization, and reusability principles.
    • Web/mobile application security and integration standards and patterns.
    • CI / CD Pipelines and web/mobile deployment models.
    • Look for ways to simplify an increasingly complex developer experience.
    • Advocate for best practices, fast performance, and scalable solutions.
    • Self-service mindset and experience in Front-end as a Service model.
    • Knowledge of Web Standards and tooling: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web Components, NPM, Node JS, etc.
    • Knowledge of Mobile Native technologies and ecosystems: iOS and Android.
    • Knowledge of Localization, Personalization, and AB Testing concepts and patterns.
    • Knowledge of Front-end Observability: Logging, Tracing, and Application Performance Monitoring and Web Analytics.
  • A ffinity with Content Management Systems:
    • Content Management Systems patterns: Traditional, Headless, Hybrid…
    • Experience in advanced deployment models and multi-tenancy.
    • Security, scalability, and resiliency of high load systems.
    • Definition of migration strategies.
    • Integrations: CDN, Digital Asset Management, Localization systems, Experimentation systems, and other external sources of data.
    • Knowledge of Component Content Management Systems.
  • A ffinity with Design Systems:
    • UI Componentization.
  • Affinity with Infrastructure architecture related to internet-facing applications:
    • In-depth knowledge of Internet architecture: public certificates, DNS, HTTP Protocol…
    • CDN Architecture: edge caching, traffic routing, security, scalability, performance…
    • Content Storage, Web Servers, Containers, etc.
  • Affinity with Cloud and Hybrid architecture:
    • Managed services and when to go for them?
    • How to choose the best between IaaS, PaaS and SaaS for front-end use cases?
    • Limitations regarding tech flexibility, legal constraints, and costs/charging model.
  • Knowledge of Open-Source technology and tooling.
    • Since our Front-end Platform is primarily based on open-source technology, it would help to understand the current way of working.

What department?

The Banking Technology Platform (BTP) architecture team is functionally part of ING’s Enterprise Architecture department with architects working closely together worldwide. The group of architects of about 12 people withing BTP has the mission to develop and execute the architecture and advice on the strategy of the BTP tribe to position adequate IT capabilities for changing business needs and moving towards a globally scalable and data driven banking platform. We work in a fun and creative environment, and we’re dedicated to bringing out the best in both each other and our products.

What do we offer?

Working at ING means working in a dynamic and international setting. Individual development of our employees is very important and that is why ING offers excellent courses and programs. In addition, we offer:

  • A competitive salary
  • Working with highly skilled people
  • Working in an area which is of immense importance to the strategy of ING
  • A relaxed and fun team
  • An international atmosphere
  • A full-time position (36-40 hour week)
  • Great training and education opportunities

Vacature informatie

Organisatie: ING

Locatie: Amsterdam

Opleidingsniveau: WO

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