Feature Engineer - NL Engineering Enablement


Feature Engineer (IT Integrator), NL Engineering Enablement

The feature engineers of our area NL Engineering Enablement drive technical initiatives (implementations/migrations) that span across all IT domains of Tech DBNL, by facilitating our DevOps teams. Some examples of initiatives we work(ed) on:

  • Migration of >400 database servers towards our private cloud
  • Implementation of the new ING pipeline (Azure DevOps)
  • Rollout of Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Migration of EDS to Active Directory
  • Migration of Reliability Toolkit 1 to Reliability Toolkit 2 / MDPL
  • Encryption of Data in Transit

Next to driving initiatives like the ones above, we act as spokesperson / SPOC for Tech DBNL towards platform and infra providers. For example, we represent Tech DBNL in the Azure DevOps consumer board and in the DBaaS consumer board. This requires our feature engineers to align with the supplying side (e.g. Infra & Engineering department) and the consuming side (our DevOps teams).

For Tech DBNL reliability and availability is critical, and we as feature engineers of NL Engineering Enablement can play an important role there. For example with participation in initiatives like Stop The Line and Next Gen Tech, but also by identifying improvements ourself and driving them towards implementation.

and we align with senior IT management on improving availability and security. We do usually not write code in our day-to-day work but we do get our hands dirty, meaning we are not dictating squads what to do, but we enable them by putting in the effort to solve the challenges the squads run into. We enable the squads to make it happen. For the initiatives that are planned for this year we are looking for a new colleague that has hands on experience with running IT and infra, and managing IT4IT initiatives.

What you will do

Do you feel attracted by the type of challenges mentioned above? Then read on!
As our new feature engineer you will be the well-known ‘spider in the web’. You will align with senior IT management (CLs, IT(A)Ls and CIO) and might regularly report into the JWG NL, but also go into technical discussions with our engineers. We do usually not write code in our day-to-day work but we do get our hands dirty, meaning we are not dictating squads what to do, but we try to understand them and enable them by putting in the effort to solve the challenges the squads run into. When the squads experience issues they cannot solve themselves and it impacts progress on the initiatives that you drive, they might come to you for help. You do not always have to solve it yourself, but you will take it on and make it happen: you will involve the right people and make sure the issue is solved. You will ‘own’ one or more initiatives/topics and be a trusted partner towards our IT Leads on those topics. Our feature engineers enable the squads to make it happen and help our management achieve the goals.

When you would be the ideal colleague

You might not tick all boxes and that is okay; do not let it hold you back from applying! But our ideal candidate brings in the following:

  • You have a strong IT (infrastructure) background and understand the process of developing and deploying software at ING, and are familiar with our architecture.
  • Ideally you work or have worked for some years as feature engineer at ING. Experience in multiple IT domains and a strong network is beneficial.
  • You have solid experience with IT project management in an agile environment, where you are not the boss but you get things done with building relationships and convincing people.
  • You have worked with senior managers but you are also capable of building a relationship with IT engineers.
  • You enjoy presenting. You are good at preparing excels and presentations, are happy to take the stage and have no problem to speak for a group.
  • You are convenient with working relatively individually. Of course, you have the support of our chapter and chapter lead if you run into issues, but usually there is not a large team working closely together on the initiatives described before.
  • You speak and write Dutch and English. We are an international company and use English where needed,

Were you able to tick quite some of these boxes? Then please apply!

You will be part of a chapter of 8 other Feature Engineers, all working on different initiatives. Though we work on different initiatives and many of us work from home most of the time, we try to bond more and more. For example by coffee meetings, organizing office days, learning sessions, chapter meetings and fun activities.

Further details

  • Start date to be discussed, but the sooner the better.
  • Location is Amsterdam, Acanthus. Though most of the time you will be able to work from home.
  • No need to write a lengthy application letter. Though it is allowed of course and might help to get our conversation starting, it is also OK if you apply simply by submitting your CV.
  • If you have questions or just want to have a short chat or talk about this position, please contact hiring manager martijn.de.rouw@ing.com

Vacature informatie

Organisatie: ING

Locatie: Amsterdam

Opleidingsniveau: WO


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