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IT chapterlead

Within the IT-Area Customer Data we are looking for an energetic IT Chapter Lead Engineering with a passion for combining thought and action. You serve as an example and show that you are a true ambassador for the new way of working and the new culture. The customer perspective is your primary driver for working in a squad.

The opportunity

The products and services of Customer Data are essential for the everyday financial needs of our customers. Without access to data of our customers for all customer journeys in the bank, customer cannot see their data, perform a transaction on their (current) account, close a mortgage or get a business loan; all journeys would fail without access to data of our customers. To ensure our customers are in control, we also enable a smooth administration of their personal data (name, address, etc) and the roles and mandates. We do so for businesses and private individuals.

Therefore, one can truly state: the products and services from the Customer Data are at the oxygen of all customer interactions with the bank.

As an IT Chapter Lead, you have earned your stripes as a DevOps Engineer. At least you are a competent engineer. And you are seen and acknowledged by colleagues as a competent engineer. You will become the Chapter Lead within Customer Data and along with the IT Area Lead and other IT Chapter Leads, you determine the working methodology within your area of expertise, allocate specific knowledge/focus areas and set the standards. You have not only a strong drive to constantly keep your own expertise up to speed, you also want to make an active contribution to the further development and advancement of your field. In addition to this, you are enthusiastic about transferring your expertise to others and get a great deal of satisfaction from coaching (both professionally and personally) around 10-15 chapter members to get the most out of oneself.

The team

Your chapter-members are either more Dev or more Ops oriented Engineers, who will be working in different squads. Dev Engineers master all aspects of software development. Ops Engineers are responsible for the deploys (and its preparation) and run of production systems and their complete underlying stack. From both type of engineers it is expected that they work closely together with Business colleagues.

Above all, as IT Chapter Lead, you are a “doer”. You contribute to the work of the squads or in the area to accomplishing the area's mission. You use your seniority to maximize team performance.

Roles and responsibilities

1 . Creating and safeguarding the 'new' culture

  • Has an active role in effecting the culture change. Functions as an ambassador for culture change and is a role model in terms of the new way of working: from 'an organisation talking' to 'an organisation doing'.
  • Facilitates insights and actions from individuals and the team for self-development and for maintenance of a high level of performance.

2. Achieve and manage IT maturity and the squad's mission

  • Has an up-to-date vision regarding IT expertise and keeps abreast of developments.
  • Is recognized as competent in his or her field.

3. Engineering

  • You stay connected with the engineering work, by working in a squad or across squads. This takes up half of your time as Chapter lead

4. Development and facilitation in the hierarchical line

  • Is responsible for the personal development and evaluation of his/her chapter members. Does this based on input from the Product Owner, the Agile Coach and individual squad members.
  • Encourages his/her chapter members to develop themselves and facilitates this. Provides coaching both in terms of professional and of personal development. Constantly ensures development of individual members' expertise.
  • Discusses both the progress and the development needs of the chapter as a whole the IT Area Lead.
  • Identifies top performance and takes action at an early stage for underperformance.

5. Resource planning

  • Discusses resource planning for a squad and chapter as a whole with the IT Area Lead.

6. Knowledge sharing

  • Ensures application of standards in his/her own area of IT expertise.
  • Shares relevant insights/developments in his/her own IT expertise with members of his/her own and possibly also other chapters.

How to succeed

We hire smart people like you for your potential. Our biggest expectation is that you’ll stay curious. Keep learning. Take on responsibility. In return, we’ll back you to develop into an even more awesome version of yourself.

  • You are inspiring and exude energy and passion.
  • You have a keen IT market focus: you are passionate about major trends in the new way of working, including Lean IT, continuous delivery, cloud processes, etc.
  • You are focused on collaboration: you set aside your own 'ego' in the interests of achieving the best results – you help others achieve success.
  • You achieve optimum results by empowering teams and giving them responsibility, at the same time 'provoking' them, challenging them and keeping them 'on the ball'.
  • You encourage people to achieve real personal development.
  • You have the capacity to learn new content quickly and transfer it.
  • You actively seek help and feedback but are also not afraid to give feedback.
  • You are curious and always look out for innovation opportunities in your focus area.
  • You have a mindset that focusses on continuous improvement.

Knowledge and experience

  • You have management experience in an Agile organization.
  • You have experience in functional management (output management).
  • You have strong analytic skills.
  • You have experience in management based on hard and soft data.
  • You have ample experience as an IT engineer.
  • You have knowledge of the business of the Tribe you work in.


  • Professional and intellectual ability at higher vocational education (HBO) or university level, with a background in IT
  • Certification and/or proven skills in one or more high-level programming languages and/or continuous delivery & continuous improvement frameworks and tooling
  • Clean coding or industrial software course

Rewards & benefits

Rewards and benefits

We want to make sure that it’s possible for you to strike the right balance between your career and your private life. You can find out more about our employment conditions at

The benefits of working with us at ING include:

• A salary tailored to your qualities and experience

• 24-27 vacation days depending on contract

• Pension scheme

• 13th month salary

• Individual Savings Contribution (BIS), 3.5% of your gross annual salary

• 8% Holiday payment

• Personal growth and challenging work with endless possibilities

• An informal working environment with innovative colleagues

• Work Agile, so new ideas come to life faster

About us

With 57,000 employees and operations in approximately 40 countries, there is no shortage of opportunities for people with initiative who want to help people take a step ahead in life and in business. Do you want to work at the cutting edge of what’s possible and at the same time ensure you work with integrity and hold the customer’s interests at heart? Do you want to be surrounded by progressive, inspiring, diverse and supportive colleagues? Then there is no better place to invest your talents than at ING. Join us. Apply today.

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