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The opportunity

If you want to work at a place with lots of freedom to innovate, where we believe that you can live by the Agile manifesto without jeopardizing the continuity and compliance measures, where we are committed to deliver stable and secure services to end users, and where we have a no nonsense getting-things done mentality, then please read on!

The IT area of Business Lending is responsible for creating, maintaining and improving what is needed to be able to deliver to the needs of our Business clients, in a cross-border setting. This means you will get the opportunity to bring your skills to a dynamic and challenging environment, where you will be part of the leadership team working on the digitalization strategy of Business Lending.

About ING

Our purpose is to empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business. We are an industry recognized strong brand with positive recognition from customers in many countries, strong financial position, Omni-channel distribution strategy and international network.

The team

The people in your chapter are equally ambitious as you, and you like to transfer your expertise to them and feel satisfaction from coaching (both professionally as personally) your colleagues. You are ambitious with what you and your chapter want to achieve. You stimulate your chapter members towards continuous improvement of their skills. You speak up and challenge the status quo. Next to this you are also part of the leadership team of the Area, which means you co-create the area vision and effectively resource the tribe and squads.

Roles and responsibilities

We are looking for you to help others to be successful and always be a step ahead. In other words, you strive to bring fresh ideas to life and embrace challenges in a fast-changing and complex environment. You are an energetic Chapter Lead with expertise in engineering, people management and affinity with building critical applications, and with that make a large impact. You are a naturally collaborative person who listens and invests in others to achieve common goals. You love to challenge the status quo and are eager to propose creative solutions.Doesthis sound interesting?

•Active role in embedding the new way of working according to the Agile principles (ING WoW).

•Functions as an ambassador for cultural change and advocates the 'organization doing' principles rather than ‘organizational talking’ ones.

You are Inspiring and passionate about creating and fostering a “safe and secure engineering culture”

You have a collaborative workstyle with focus on achieving goals by helping others to be successful

You achieve the best results by empowering teams and giving them responsibility, while simultaneously “stimulating”, challenging and keeping them sharp.

You stimulate & empower people to realize personal development.

You have the capacity to quickly learn and transfer new content.

You actively ask for help and feedback, but you also dare to give feedback.

You are always curious and looking for improvements and innovations within your area of ​​expertise.

You are not only an engineer but also eager to take on overarching challenges within the domain and work with your peers in finding structural solutions to these challenges

• Puts in place a culture of self-development and high performing teams.

Manage and achieve IT maturity and the squad's mission

•Has an up-to-date vision regarding IT expertise and keeps abreast of developments.

•Stays one step ahead in the domain of expertise and applies learnings in its specific context,

•Defines and ensures application of standards in his/her own area of IT expertise.

•Organizes regular meetings to share relevant insights/developments in his/her own IT expertise with members of his/her own and possibly also other chapters.

People and Chapter management

•Is responsible for the personal development and evaluation of the chapter members, based on input from the Product Owner, the Agile Coach and individual squad members.

•Encourages chapter members to develop themselves and facilitates this (e.g. providing training opportunities).

•Provides coaching both in terms of professional and of personal development. Constantly ensures development of individual members' expertise.

•Identifies top performance and takes action at an early stage for underperformance.

You stimulate & empower people to realize personal development

•Supports talent acquisition and retention management activities (e.g. interview applicants)

•Discusses resource planning for squads and chapter with the IT Area Lead and Product Owners.


•Is a key member of the Product Owner, Chapter Lead and Agile Coach (POCLAC) sessions, where ways to optimize performance and improvement of capabilities of the squad are discussed

How to succeed

We hire smart people like you for your potential. Our biggest expectation is that you’ll stay curious. Keep learning. Take on responsibility. In return, we’ll back you to develop into an even more awesome version of yourself.

  • You have strong technical skills:
    • At least 10 years of experience in the Java ecosystem
    • You have a good understanding of Software Architecture
    • Experience and thorough understanding of continuous integration and delivery
    • You know have experience in implementing test strategies (e.g. JUnit, Selenium, Cucumber)
    • You are familiar with Monitoring solutions (Kibana, Grafana)
    • You are able to discuss with your stakeholders and product owner about features and stories and can translate these into software with real business value
  • You have Soft skills, Mindset :
    • Diplomacy and good communication
    • Proactive attitude, always on the look-out for improving your and our way of working
    • Strong stakeholder management skills
    • Strong project management skills
    • You are easy to get along with and really enjoy collaborating with others.
    • You think in terms of solutions by analyzing facts and information instead of looking for excuses


  • Great English communication skills, verbal as well as written

  • Have a keen focus on automation and passionate about major trends in the way of working including, for example, Lean IT, continuous delivery, cloud processes, etc

  • Experienced/comfortable in working with an Onsite/Offshore model

Vacature informatie

Organisatie: ING

Locatie: Amsterdam

Opleidingsniveau: WO

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