Specialist Lease (fg 12)

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Specialist Lease jl 12 (for Wholesale Banking Clients)

What you will do

As a Lease specialist within Business Banking, you are responsible for all the commercial and credit-related Lease activities of the customer portfolio assigned to you. You will work in a centrally managed sector team where you will be available on a transactional basis for one or more Client Service Teams (CSTs) operating in the regions (incl Wholesale Banking) and sector(s) assigned to you.

This vacancy is specifically for a Lease Specialist responsible for Wholesale Banking clients. This means that you will also be jointly responsible for the Wholesale Banking’s Lease result and for customer satisfaction. Accepting ownership, end-to-end involvement and self-management are central. In your area of focus, you fulfil a key role in credit requests involving Lease. You get the Wholesale Banking relationship managers interested in using Lease where possible.

You are part of a nationwide sector team. The team consists of +/- 10 Lease specialists, who are classified at job levels 10, 11 and 12 to ensure a clear advancement path within the team. You have end-to-end responsibility for your own customers within the sector(s) assigned to you. This means that you work both outside the office (i.e. negotiating Lease transactions with customers including all documentation) and internally (i.e. asset analyses, preparing take-out analyses).

And of course you are a role model for the new way of working and an enthusiastic ambassador for the Orange Code. Not only do you endorse the code, you actively promote it.

The customers you will serve

In your role, you will work within ING Business Banking with and for Wholesale Banking customers who need a Lease product.

The new Lease specialist position is specialised, responsible and varied, with a job level that depends on your experience and the importance of your portfolio.

This job profile has been written for job level 11. For job level 12, more is expected of you as outlined below:

  • covers the largest/most complex transactions, including, among others SAF/LMA documented;
  • coaching role within the team;
  • possibly with a C mandate (to be decided).

Your responsibilities:

  • You have/are developing expertise and experience in relation to the Lease product and have theoretical certification for this product.
  • You have final accountability for the overall Lease application and management process within your assigned sectors. You work out requests/reviews for customers/prospects completely on your own. You are the point of contact for Lease customers in your portfolio who have questions or change requests regarding their Lease agreement. You independently assess change requests of a material nature (e.g. changes to securities or terms and conditions), discuss the different options with the customer and action the process internally within ING, including completion of the SAP process. You act as the deal coordinator in respect of the Lease transaction and you have end-to-end responsibility until final implementation by the Lease CLT.
  • You are communicative and sales-oriented and successfully pitch the Lease product within ING Wholesale Bank and to customers. In addition, you are an authoritative and expert partner in discussion with Wholesale Banking customers and understand the intricacies of financing issues. Based on your expertise, you can act as a sparring partner at various levels when discussing asset-based financing (for example, in discussions with CFOs, controllers).
  • You are part of a central team of specialists, working closely with one or more CSTs from the Wholesale Bank. Together with those teams, you generate new business and you are actively involved in prospecting and acquisition. You are capable of independently presenting the Lease element of the chosen structure and compiling the term sheet. You are a commercial and expert specialist in this role, and an authority when it comes to Lease. You are capable of coaching colleagues to make them more knowledgeable about both the product and the process. You also understand how to give your customers the knowledge and information they need.
  • You actively respond to opportunities you see in the market.
  • You actively monitor developments, trends and innovations in the field of lending in the sectors assigned to you. You inform customers and colleagues about imminent policy or legislative changes in relation to relevant Lease issues and ensure proper follow-up.
  • You react quickly in deal processes; in interaction with the customer, but also when coordinating with debt advisers and internally with Risk.
  • You are a figurehead and guardian of the Orange Code.
  • You are inspiring, full of energy and passionate about your work.
  • You want and have the capacity to learn new content quickly.
  • You actively seek help and feedback and are not afraid to give feedback.
  • You collaborate and help others within the business unit to be successful.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and preferably in Dutch

The competencies you need

Teamwork: actively solicits feedback on personal performance

Customer focus : analyses potential customer requirements

Persuasiveness : knows the impact of his/her words and actions

Investigative and learning ability : digs deeper.


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Vacature informatie

Organisatie: ING

Locatie: Bunnik

Opleidingsniveau: WO

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