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At a glance

The Detecting Financial Crime – Data Science Innovation Team is one of the largest and fastest growing data science teams within ABN AMRO. We are working on smart solutions to detect financial crime, including money laundering, terrorist financing and human trafficking. Criminals are never resting and all the time come up with new ways to stay out of sight, so we need to continuously adapt and innovate to beat them to it. Our work is in the full limelights, from the senior management of the bank, the national regulators such as DNB, as well as from society as a whole. This illustrates the important role that we play as gatekeeper of the financial system. The work that we do forms the core of that. How cool is it to contribute to that?

In the Detecting Financial Crime (DFC) unit, we’ve brought together every activity the bank undertakes to detect financial crime. By combining knowledge, expertise, and joining forces, we can do a better job of keeping our banking systems free of financial crime and embracing new developments. The advancing technology is both an opportunity and a threat. It helps us to improve our investigative work and it increases the sophistication of organised crime. In short, detecting financial crime is an ongoing process that makes the highest possible demands of our expertise and alertness.

Your job

The Data Science Innovation team (DSI team) is responsible for data science innovations to create a future proof DFC and bank in general. Our team’s current main focus is on transaction monitoring, but our scope is the broader DFC domain. The DSI team aims to transform the traditional transaction monitoring landscape into a 2.0 version by creating state-of-the-art machine learning technologies (e.g. anomaly detection, network analytics, NLP) that detect financial crime (money laundering, terrorist financing, human trafficking etc.) in an effective way, using machine learning and advanced network analytics.

In collaboration with the business, Compliance and DFC operations you will be responsible for the development and continuous improvement of new transaction monitoring models aimed to detect financial crime. In this process, the data-driven models are continuously being tailored to the needs of the business and the evolving financial crime threats. Being able to interpret the results of the models and to explain the functioning of the models to the stakeholders is key.

Together with a junior data scientist you’ll be responsible for a use case. This includes involvement of the stakeholders and developing a plan of approach. As a senior data scientist, you are expected to take a leading, pro-active role and to contribute to the strategic development of the team and a future-proof way of working.

Are you a data scientist who likes to take initiative and venture off the beaten track? What are you looking for in the next stage of your career? Turn your goals into reality and work on your professional and personal development. Tell us your story. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Working environment

Financial crime is a hot topic. The media seems to report on money laundering or terrorist financing just about every day. The social relevance of our work is just as important to us. We are the gatekeepers of the financial system, hence responsible for keeping the system safe and healthy, which is of fundamental importance for the stability and security of our clients and – by extension- for society as a whole. All of this impacts our relevance as an organisation and our continuity. We accomplish this by lining up the interests of our clients, the bank and society at large.

DFC is a relatively new department that is still in the development stage. The fact that the department is in transition will give extra depth to your role. In this dynamic environment, you’ll have the opportunity to help the department get to the next stage and initiate improvements.

Your profile

You are an experienced data scientist with vision. You have excellent analytical skills and get energized by modelling. You can convert a business problem into quantifiable research questions and follow a scientific yet hands-on approach when creating concrete and innovative data science solutions.

You know how to get support for your ideas and advice.

  • You’re enterprising, pioneering and creative; you don’t mind a changing environment and you thrive on taking initiative
  • You have a master’s degree or PhD in computer science/data science or related field.
  • You have 3 - 5 years work experience as a Data Scientist
  • You have experience in development of machine learning models in a big data environment.
  • You have experience in productionizing machine learning models.
  • You are familiar with recent developments in machine learning.
  • You have knowledge of IT architecture
  • You are an experienced Python programmer and you preferably also have experience with SQL, PySpark and other technologies
  • You have strong communication skills and you’re pro-active
  • You have a minimum of three years work experience
  • Having working experience within the transaction monitoring domain is beneficial
  • Living in the Netherlands

We are offering

At DFC, you’ll be working in a driven and dynamic environment, where people work hard based on a shared vision and objective. The DFC department is characterised by a non-hierarchical structure, short lines of communication, a focus on deliverables and close teamwork with other departments. Although we make high demands of our work, we never lose sight of the human dimension because we believe that the success of our mission depends on it. In this work context, we’ll offer you the opportunity to work on your professional and personal development.


What are you looking for in the next stage of your career? Turn your goals into reality and work on your professional and personal development. Tell us your story. For more information, please contact Djali Poppen:

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Locatie: Amsterdam

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