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Traineeship informatie

Organisatie: ING

Locatie: Amsterdam

Opleidingsniveau: HBO/WO


Deze traineeship is niet meer vacant

Why ING?

Not many traditional industries are impacted by the current Technology Disruption like Banking. As a front-runner in providing Financial Services to over 37 million customers in 40 different countries, ING is fully geared up to drive that change. Traditional geographic borders disappear, FinTechs challenge the establishment, real-time is what our customers expect, and trust and security is not an added value but merely the foundation. The banking industry is more and more becoming an IT-driven enterprise.

The ING Think Forward strategy is providing a unified customer experience to all of our clients, independent of time and place. ING is uniting across borders, and is rapidly changing long-established processes and procedures to become truly digital. We do not follow innovations around us, but initiate them.

In order to support these changes, ING has globally adopted the Agile Way-of-Working: no longer management steers and decides, but our (IT) Engineers drive the change, while management facilitates. We feel that only then ING will be able to stand the challenges of the time ahead. And we do not only preach this, but practice it. Every minute of the day.


Infra is at the heart of ING. In order to support the cross-border unified ING, one single and seamless IT infrastructure providing networking, computing and storage is of the essence. This is exemplified by Infra’s Mission: ‘to be an infrastructure service provider that delivers reliable and cost-competitive infrastructure services to ING and enables consumers to work in an Agile and DevOps way’. We deliver cutting-edge solutions using (b)leeding-edge technologies, on a (very) large scale.

Our organisation model built around Tribes and Chapters ensure that our Squads (small DevOps teams that work truly Agile) can deliver and innovate. That way, we can deliver on items like infrastructure-as-code, automated delivery pipelines, and elastic containerised infrastructures, to truly deliver globally scalable and resilient infrastructure services.

What can you do?

Within Infra you can be part of different teams which are working on very diverse and challenging tasks. Build top-notch security automated into new stacks, be part of our cybersecurity squad, work on our data lakes, build state of the art monitoring solutions or join our Site Reliability Engineering team and help others improve the automation and reliability of their services. You can also work on development of our Microsoft or Linux stacks, develop our OpenShift container solution, be part of our risk team to improve our overall risk profile or work on our PKI environment. You can work on our storage solutions, datacentre or branch networks or systems virtualization. Really anything is possible!

You will develop a broad range of different skills. You will learn more about our stacks and their technology components such as operating systems, virtualization, storage and networks.

Last but not least: we believe working in Infra should be fun. We work hard, and play hard. We recognise your efforts, and organise quarterly (free) parties that simply blow the roof off…

Who are you?
  • You have a engineering HBO+/master degree, preferably in the field of Computer Science, Informatics, Software/Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering or Physics.
  • You have a passion for IT, which shows from your personal and professional experience.
  • You recognize yourself in the following personal profile: down to earth, team-player, learning attitude, curiosity, can-do mentality and proactive.

Traineeship informatie

Organisatie: Organisatie: ING


Opleidingsniveau: HBO/WO


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