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Are you motivated by seeing the results of your projects from strategy to implementation and driven to measure the efficiency through metrics and analytics? We have multiple projects related to the Talent Acquisition of our Venture Builders and how to improve their journey at ING Labs which requires multiple skills.

The ING Innovation Office/Labs is the perfect environment for you. We are the startup incubator of ING. We welcome new ideas from the business, build small teams with the mission to experiment and the ambition to bring those ideas to a startup and scale up level. You will be empowered to contribute in an innovative manner to our current Talent Acquisition, HR and Community projects that are helping our internal startups to be successful.

Your work environment

This is your opportunity to gain experience in an innovative start-up environment at ING Labs. You will be surrounded by team members who have entrepreneurial mindset and want to bring disruptive ideas to market. We work with an internal innovation process called PACE based on the principles of design thinking, agile and lean start-up.

You will be part of an enthusiastic multi-disciplinary team that has a willingness to help you grow and learn as much as possible throughout your internship.

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Your role

You will be working with the core team of ING Labs which mission is to ensure that internal start up initiatives that are coming into the Labs, are set for success. While these initiatives, are being incubated and experimented from the conception of ideas all the way to building their prototypes in the Labs, their teams need to be fully built, equipped and nurtured through their journey with us.

The core team is made of 5 core members: Head of ING Labs, Talent Acquisition Manager, HR Admin Support, Community Manager and an Operation Manager supporting more than 50 people.

Being in innovation means that we constantly strive for improvement and keep on experimenting on our own projects. Therefore, we need your help and fresh ideas and minds to keep ourselves challenged!

For the next 6 months, you role will focus on 4 main areas:

Metrics and Data Analytics: We are building from scratch a recruitment metrics

dashboard to measure the efficiency of our hiring process. You will liaise with several internal HR and business departments and define what metrics are available to use, what tools are accessible and define together with the core team what will be relevant to be in our Labs Recruitment dashboard.

For this you will need advanced Excel skills, analytics mindset, attention to detail and an investigation spirit.

Content Strategy and Linkedin Group maintenance: The ING Labs has very specific needs in the profile of Talents required. There is not a unique profile that matches innovation. You will be working with the Talent Acquisition Manager of the Labs on different recruitment activities including:

  • Building the next 6 months social media content strategy of our Talent Hub Linkedin group through creative, targeted and gamified posts to ensure the growth of our members and drive relevant referrals

  • Keeping our Linkedin group engagement metrics and Recruitment dashboard up to date, provide analysis/reporting and work on areas for improvement identified by those metrics

  • Working with the Talent Manager of the Labs to find, identify and contact key innovative profiles for our initiative

  • Designing, documenting and communicating our ING Labs HR and Recruitment Frameworks to our Hiring Managers to drive their adoption

For this you would need basic knowledge of social media strategy, self-drive in driving traffic to the group with a realistic creativity mindset. Your ultimate goal will be to increase the number of relevant members through target sourcing and pro-active reach outs.

External Event organization: We will be venturing on a very niche and specific external

scene of Corporate Venture Builders and launch a series of short digital events to attract our members and increase the brand awareness of ING Labs.

Your role will be to plan the agenda, topics and bring the relevant speakers as well as measuring the after-event efficiency.

For this you will need be a good MC, have excellent communications skills in English written and spoken, a flair for spotting the right topics and good project management skills.

Employees Onboarding/Offboarding: We have a specific and personal approach when it comes to onboarding new employees and offboarding leavers. These processes need to be optimized and tested to make sure that everyone is properly integrated into the community and that we capture the learnings and impressions of the Labs when they leave. You will be working with the Community and Operation Managers on building up these Onboarding and Offboarding processes including:

  • Gather best practices and integrate them into our existing onboarding process

  • Work with our design team to ensure clear content

  • Tracking of joiners & leavers to ensure they are equipped with the right tools on time and when leaving ING Labs they do that with a positive experience

  • Work with our team to build a onboarding package and makes new employees feel special

Your profile

  • Must be enrolled at a Dutch university during the entire internship

  • You are fluent in spoken and written English

  • You are curious, willing to learn and help team members

  • You have attention to details. You do not rush in completing things but think it through and carefully read proof your own tasks multiple times to ensure that you deliver a clean work well done.

  • You are self-motivated, capable to work from home for 6 months independently and communicate pro-actively the progress of your tasks and struggles with the other team members.

  • You like to contribute and bring new ideas that are practical and can be used directly

  • You have done some prior work in analytics, social media and project management.

What we offer:

  • 36h internship position within ING Neo/Chief Innovation Office of ING, within ING Labs

  • 6 months projects where you will see the results of your efforts

  • Compensated internship in line with ING internal rules

  • Start date Beginning-Mid October 2021

  • Fully remote and virtual internship

  • Work in a cross-functional, international, enthusiastic and fun team

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We expect all candidates to live by the ING Orange code and are willing to take the Bankers Oath (see:

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