Database Management Internship


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Organisatie: ABN AMRO

Locatie: Amsterdam

Opleidingsniveau: WO


Type: Werkstage


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At a glance

Are you a BSc graduate or have you graduated from a university of applied sciences (HBO) Did your study cover IT, Software Development and Database Management? Do you want to acquire relevant work experience within a corporate environment? Then what are you waiting for? Apply now!

Your job

Your assignment will be to help us to improve our current data mart (fragmented in two different platforms on the basis of various data models) for a product management department and also to create a data quality framework to ensure the reliability of the same data mart.

The improved data mart will be used to create regular reports to monitor and steer portfolios, for ad hoc requests and deep dives. You will be guided and supported, but we will also expect proactivity and independence from your part.


  • Analyse the data with the help of data mining/analytics techniques.
  • Build/improve the data mart on the basis of a new data model concept design consolidating the fragmented data mart containing finance, risk and commercial data. Optionally, improve the data model on basis of new insights.
  • Make a script in SAS in such a way that the data mart creation/update can be done without manual adjustments.
  • Create a DQ framework to ensure the reliability of the data mart.

Your working environment

You will work within the Product Management department, which is in charge of the customized consumer credits and collections.

Your profile

  • You are at least an HBO graduate
  • Your studies covered IT, Software Engineering and Database Management
  • You have experience using SAS, SQL or Power BI.
  • Analytics savviness: the phrase “data is the basis of decision making” is your daily mantra.
  • Communicative: you can transmit information in an accurate and clear way on a daily basis.
  • Organized: you are structured, plus management, planning or tracking are familiar concepts for you.
  • Problem solver: your analytical skills and creativity are well developed in order to come up with realistic interventions.
  • Results oriented: you always keep your goals in mind and take practical steps to achieve them.

What we offer

Are you looking for an enriching internship to develop yourself? Do you want to work in one of the best work environments of The Netherlands? Then we invite you to come here and make history in our department, to leave your mark forged with hard work, commitment, and camaraderie.

At ABN AMRO, you are offered the opportunity to develop yourself into the much needed talent the world is waiting for! You will be working with the best professionals in business and also with the latest technologies, in a creative, flexible, and cooperative environment. We offer you the possibility to stand out and make a difference.

The world of banking is changing rapidly, and ABN AMRO Bank is changing with it. Therefore, we invest in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Robotics, VR, apps & APIs, Risk as a Service, IT security, new business models and much more. Banking is not only about storing and transferring your money anymore, we go beyond banking. Together with our 6000 IT professionals, let’s change the world of banking!

You don’t believe it? We invite you to experience it for yourself.


Show us your interest in becoming a valuable member of our team by clicking to the" Apply" button! And don’t forget; a well thought-out and structured resume and motivation letter can make you stand out of the crowd!

How to do it?

  • Put only assignment relevant items in your resume and letter.
  • In your letter present yourself briefly and then tell us WHY are you interested in both this assignment in particular, and working at ABN AMRO in general. Subsequently, explain HOW you will be adding value to our team by highlighting your relevant skills and experience.
  • Lastly, always include your availability period (e.g., from February 2019 to July 2019) and the objective of your internship (e.g., graduation, thesis research, work experience).

We are looking forward to get to know you, good luck!

Any doubts, questions or compliments for us? Get in touch via email (, phone (020-3433443) or WhatsApp (+31 6 831 53373)!

Stage informatie

Organisatie: Organisatie: ABN AMRO

Locatie: Amsterdam

Opleidingsniveau: $}


Type: Werkstage


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