Internship UX design (meeloopstage)

3 - 6 maanden

Virtual Affairs is specialized in developing and innovating digital channels so that banks and insurers can service their customers. Providing 17 years of experience in customer behavior in the finance domain we know what works. We deliver proven solutions to simplify complex processes for the end-user. In an environment of complex financial processes, rules and systems this is often challenging, but we only stop when the job’s done.  We do projects, product development and develop concepts for innovative financial services. We aim to continually innovate with our solutions and can use your help.

Assignment possibilities

We give you space to define your own learning goals or assignment. We appreciate your initiatives. We think interacting with your bank or insurer can always be put to a higher level. What do you think? Why are transaction overviews the same for years? What’s the use of personal finance management (‘huishoudboekje’)? How can private wealth management (‘vermogensbeheer’) really provide excellent service to the customer?

We keep developing our own products in the areas of retail banking, private banking and insurance. No doubt when you dive in, you can investigate where the UX could be better and challenge the product development team. You can also help on ongoing projects where you will be part of the project team with the customer.

What we will do for you

  • We are well aware you have an obligation to education objectives. It’s not our first time. We can and will coach you in achieving this. We have experience with students from TU Delft, CMD Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague
  • We will provide a monthly fee
  • We provide a working place in our main office in Amsterdam. It is also possible to work from our office in Rotterdam or College or another place that suits you in providing best results

Stage informatie

Organisatie: Organisatie: Virtual Affairs

Locatie: Amsterdam

Opleidingsniveau: $}

Periode: 3 - 6 maanden

Type: Meeloopstage

Vergoeding: Yes


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