MSc thesis internship - Quality of Code Generators

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MSc thesis internship – Quality of Code Generators

Write your thesis at the Core Bank University of ING in collaboration with SIG (Software Improvement Group) in the field of Software Engineering.

Topic description

Assessment of Code Generator Quality in Model-Driven Engineering.

Model-driven engineering entails developing models of functionality, after which software, i.e., code, can be automatically generated and implemented. Compared with traditional software engineering approaches, model-driven engineering has a list of advantages, e.g., higher productivity, lower defect rates, higher consistency in naming, etc. Among various approaches of model-driven engineering, one approach is to generate source code automatically from a high-level description language, e.g., Domain Specific Language. ING has built a tool to generate Scala code from Rebel (a Domain Specific Language)*, which will serve as the main subject of research in this project.

This thesis work is related to assessing the software quality of code generators. Some possible research questions that can be answered:

What quality attributes (e.g., maintainability, efficiency, security/privacy, etc.) are important for code generators? Do code generators have a “preference” for certain technologies, e.g., Object-Oriented languages, Functional programming languages? How to choose a target technology for a code generator?

During this master thesis internship you have the freedom to choose your own direction within Model-Driving Engineering. We are very interested/curious hearing your thoughts.

This internship is located at the ING office (Bijlmer Arena, Amsterdam) and SIG office (Amstel, Amsterdam). We are flexible in the amount of days you work, the length of the thesis internship and the starting date.

About ING

ING is transforming rapidly towards a top notch IT company with a Top Engineering culture, incorporating FinTech start-up mentality and financial innovation. We are end-to-end agile, work in multidisciplinary teams and use cutting edge technology. This enables us to offer our customers the best possible service and respond to rapidly changing customer demands.

You will be working in the ING’s Core Banking University, this is where science and business meet. Within this department top experts from both areas are collaborating on the next-generation digital bank.

About SIG

SIG (Software Improvement Group) is a young and growing company with prominent customers. We look beyond national boundaries: we work with an international mix of people (110 FTE) and have offices in 6 countries. We believe that software can be better and we are working to improve it worldwide. SIG is headquartered in the Rembrandt-tower in Amsterdam. 85% of our employees have university degrees and +/- 30% have a PhD. However, knowledge alone is not enough at SIG. The conversion of this knowledge into understandable and tangible solutions is what it’s all about.


We are looking for a Master student that can meet the following requirements:

  • Bachelor degree in computer science, or related field, with great results
  • The ability to learn quickly and explore new topics
  • Affinity with a cooperate research environment
  • Software development experience (e.g. projects or working experience besides your study)
  • Fluent in English


Please get in contact with us: upload your CV and grade lists (BSc and MSc so far). If you have any other topic ideas, you can add them as well.

For questions you can get in contact with us:

Joost Bosman, IT Manager, ING:

Magiel Bruntink, Head of Research, SIG:


Please note: to do an internship at ING, you need to be registered at a Dutch educational institution during the entire period of the internship.

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