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Organisatie: ING

Locatie: Amsterdam

Opleidingsniveau: HBO/WO

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Central Product Owner

Job Level

>= 12

Business Domain

Tech/ Group Services



Typically, a Central Product Owner is in place in situations where multiple Squads work on the same product(s) and face major technical dependencies.

The Central Product Owner is accountable for maximizing the value of a Feature via a product vision, release strategy and Product Backlog. The Central Product Owner represents all stakeholders on the Feature Layer, within the mandates and boundaries obtained by the Tribe Lead/Asset Owner. He/she takes decisions in case Product Owners have conflicting priorities.

The Central Product Owner is, like a Product Owner, a visionary who envisions the final product and communicates the vision to the Squads/Teams.The Central Product Owner is the person who sees the vision through to completion. This includes describing Features and Stories, collaborating and communicating with the Tribe Team (if in place), the Product Owners and the Squads, accepting or rejecting work results, and steering the product goals by tracking and forecasting its progress.

The Central Product Owner manages the Product Backlog items, allocated to him/her, for change as well as run.

Central Product Owner versus Product Owner

Both a Central Product Owner and a Product Owner are demand governance roles: they represent stakeholders on their respective governance layer and translate stakeholder requirements to prioritized Features, resp. User Stories. Both take care of run as well as of change.

A Central Product Owner typically owns one or more Features, whereas a Product Owner owns one or more User Stories.

Key tasks

  • (Co)Develops and communicates the product vision
  • Prioritizes change- and run activities (such as Operations and high-prio incident management) of any related applications within the mandates and boundaries set by Tribe Lead/Asset Owner
  • Ensures product delivery with the highest business value
  • Maintains the Product Backlog on the level of Features, derived from Epics, for change as well as run
  • Refines and prioritises the Product Backlog continually together with stakeholders, Tribe Team (if any) and Squads
  • Manages all stakeholders on his/her level, maintains a stakeholder map
  • Provides mandates and boundaries to Product Owners on Time, Budget and Functionality
  • Solves impediments at his/her level, e.g. priority conflicts between Product Owners
  • Participates in Feature Planning - and Feature Update meetings
  • May be supported by a Feature Engineer
  • Identifies, mitigates, escalates and monitors Delivery- and Result risk (along with other roles)


This role would be to join the Global Pega Platform squads.

These squads are the following:

  • Pega Customer Loyalty - to ensure high quality of service for the customers squads of the Platform
  • Pega Continuous Delivery – to enable DevOps practices of the customers squads of the Platform
  • Pega as a Service – to ensure that Pega is a commodity for the customers squads of the Platform

Knowledge and skill requirements




Engineer bachelor

Technical skills

Pega Background (1-2 years working in PEGA context)

Delivery Pipeline understanding

Pega Certification

Previous Experience

Agile team experience with SCRUM or Kanban or XP

Product Ownership

Central/Chief Product Owner

Platform as a Service context

Other skills or competencies

Ability to say “no” to stakeholders

Diplomacy and good communication skiils

Analysis capabilities

Testing abilities

Retail Bank knowledge

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Vacature informatie

Organisatie: ING

Locatie: Amsterdam

Opleidingsniveau: HBO/WO

Arbeidsvoorwaarden: Marktconform


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