Chapter Lead Global Master Control Room


Vacature informatie

Organisatie: ING

Locatie: Amsterdam

Opleidingsniveau: HBO/WO

Arbeidsvoorwaarden: Marktconform


ING is looking for a Chapter Lead TechInfra GMCR

Anyone interested in digital (banking) understands why ING is transforming and working hard towards an IT company having it’s own unique Top Engineering culture. And of course we are not a FinTech start-up and we don’t have the image of a social media dominator like Facebook and we’re not an awesome state of the art car producer like Tesla. But…

We are working hard to stay ahead in being a financial innovator offering the best possible solutions and services to millions of appreciated clients all over the globe.

And there for we are looking for a Dev/Ops Engineer in network and network security telling us what we should do better and how to keep offering the best services to both our business and private customers.

Get an impression here:

Your working environment: ING TechInfra Global Master Control Room

Way of Working Chapter:

MCR used to be an ad-hoc incident solving team with less structure in Way of Working, the last year the chapter WoW is created to facilitate the MCR to adapt to the ING one WOW.

The 24/7 shifts start their workday with a daily stand-up, analyse their workflow and are the extra pair of eyes facilitating that unexpected operational discontinuities are quickly and sustainably solved by the most appropriate party.

Network Chapter:

One of the roles within MCR is the Network Operations Center(NOC), where the Network Ops Engineers Improve and expand operational (1st line) network activities of the MCR using tools like EMC Smarts and Global View. Communications with Network Vendors and internal network teams are daily business and off course network and DDOS-monitoring.

Monitoring Chapter:

The monitoring chapter is started to analyse and optimize the Monitoring task of MCR. Event monitoring is a key task of MCR, where they are the extra pair of eyes facilitating that unexpected operational discontinuities are quickly and sustainably solved by the most appropriate party.

What’s a Chapter Lead within ING TechInfra?

As a Chapter Lead you have deep knowledge in the Infrastructure domain have an expertise in people management . You are competent Engineer with 4-5 year experience, and this will be your role in the squad for 60% of your time. You will develop consumable, end-to-end infrastructure services for several Infra platforms for your consumers, together with your squad. You are able to move all typical user stories and tasks from “To-Do” to “Done”.

The remaining 40% you spend on building up expertise in your Chapter and developing your Chapter members. You are enthusiastic about transferring your knowledge to others, and about coaching around 5-7 members of your Chapter and oversee their personal development.

What will you do?

Deliver full infrastructure service to the consumer:

  • Develop consumable, standardized infrastructure services (resilient, high quality, highly automated and up-to-date)
  • Support and educate consumers on using the standardized infrastructure services (consumer is responsible for their own instances)
  • Implement mandatory security standards
  • Develop an ecosystem of tools to provide self-service capabilities to the consumer

Apply continuous delivery practices:

  • Manage all resources in version-controlled repositories (incl., code, scripts, configurations, artefacts, static resources)
  • Refactor and reuse existing code/modules/functionality
  • Write fully automated tests (e.g., unit-, functional-, non-functional- and integration testing)
  • Build, enhance and maintain tooling and PowerShell scripts to automate repetitive or error prone tasks
  • Develop micro services and APIs

Futhermore you are the one to apply and improve DevOps way of working, develop skills of employees within Chapter anddevelop specific knowledge

Your “backpack” should contain

  • Knowledge across stack, technologies and ecosystems,technology of interfacing squads and consumers to achieve end-to-end view,impact of different factors on performance and capacity of services and technical implications of Security and Risk principles
  • You have clear understanding of consumer context and needs, as well as the value-add of Infrastructure capabilities to the consumer
  • Working knowledge (4-5 years) of configuration tools
  • Scripting experience in PowerShell. Having experience in other scripting languages like Ruby, Python, Bash is a pro.
  • Experience with virtualization environments and tools e.g., VMware, HyperV

Your education and background

  • Professional and intellectual IT ability at university level - at least Bachelor's degree
  • Extensive experience in both engineering and leadership roles in Agile teams, e.g. as Scrum Master, Product Owner, DevOps Engineer
  • Track record of developing people and knowledge through coaching or mentoring
  • Certifications and/or proven proficiency in one or more programming/scripting languages
  • Excellent command of spoken and written Dutch and English

We offer

  • A very dynamic IT environment where continuous improvement is key. We offer you the role/function IT Chapter Lead (60% Engineering, 40% peoplemanagement).
  • Working location is Rotterdam Wilgenplas and Amsterdam ZO (Haarlerbergpark).
  • A more than fine financial compensation for your work and on top of that a 13th month, 8% holiday allowance, OV Business Card, pension/health scheme, etc.
  • Fresh healthy food and lunches every day, great coffees, possibility to visit (international) IT conferences, meet-ups etc.
  • Working in shifts because of the 24/7 work schedule.


Apply directly online. For more information you can contact R. Garnier / M.v.d.Ploeg.

Vacature informatie

Organisatie: ING

Locatie: Amsterdam

Opleidingsniveau: HBO/WO

Arbeidsvoorwaarden: Marktconform


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